Tuesday, January 31, 2012

arrow mittens

One of the many things I've been working on lately is designing knitting patterns.  I've made more swatches in the past few months than I think I have in my entire life.  I know it sounds naive of me, but I really imagined I'd get it perfect on the first try.  Sigh... not quite.

Although my day job is in media / advertising (and I do love it), it's quite corporate.  I always feel that I'm missing an important part of myself in my work that isn't quite satisfied with that alone.  My new years resolution is to take my casual crafting to a new level and start publishing my own work. 

These arrow mittens are one of my first original designs.  However, I can't decide if I like them enough to officially release the pattern.  What do you think?


  1. Well, if you're at all nervous about releasing a pattern into the wild as a 'new designer' - don't be! That is one gorgeous, gorgeous mitten. It would be a great excuse for an intarsia-phobe like me to try out the technique.

    I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  2. I am so happy it's not just me getting bored in the humdrum corporate day job! I too am looking to branch out and make a business for myself out of my crafting and it's so nice to hear that you are too! That mitten pattern is simply perfect. Go for it and good luck!

  3. oy, endless samples - i can relate. i'm working on a new hat and i think i started it 5x trying to get things right. p.s. the mitten looks great :)

  4. @stephjmg : thank you! that helps :)

    @lola de lempicka : it is a scary thought, but i feel like it's something i need to do for myself. i've toyed with the idea for ages, but finally am committing to it!

    @nicomade : ooh! i can't wait to see your hat! it will, no doubt, be lovely.

  5. I think they are gorgeous and hope you publish them so I can purchase the pattern!! Keep going I think you have a future with this!!

  6. I love it, I say do it! :)